JBotSim 1.0-beta has been released with some API changes. All examples have been updated accordingly. Please make sure you are using version 1.0 beta.

Examples of code with JBotSim

These pages offer a series of examples to guide you through the features of JBotSim. The first few can serve as a tutorial.

  1. HelloWorld with JBotSim
  2. Creating a node algorithm
  3. Basic movement and timing
  4. Overview of JBotSim's main events
  5. Node models, Link types, and icons
  6. Movements of Robots Based on Virtual Forces
  7. Spanning forest algorithm based on token circulation
  8. Heterogeneous swarming (park cleaning)
  9. Painting and drawing the GUI background
  10. Embedding JBotSim's GUI in another application
  11. Look, Compute, Move
  12. Moving according to WayPoints
  13. Lifecycle of the topology and internal scheduling
  14. Population Protocols
  15. Reynolds boids (using Look Compute Move)

New examples will be posted regularly.